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Cremation in RI: A Compassionate Choice for Honoring Your Loved One

At Rhode Island Cremation Care Center, we understand the importance of providing dignified and personalized services for your departed loved ones. As the popularity of cremation continues to rise, we take pride in offering exceptional cremation services in Wakefield, RI, that cater to your unique needs and preferences.



Cremation Services in RI


What is Cremation?

Cremation is a respectful and time-honored process involving placing the deceased's body in a cremation container and carefully incinerating it, transforming it into ashes.


Families receive these ashes, allowing them to make heartfelt decisions about the final resting place of their loved ones. Typically, the ashes are kept in a beautifully crafted urn.


Why Choose Cremation?

There are numerous reasons why families are increasingly choosing cremation services. Some opt for cremation due to their religious or personal beliefs, while others prioritize the environmental benefits it offers.


Additionally, cremation services often come at a more affordable cost compared to traditional burials. However, the decision should be guided by what feels right to you and your loved ones, as honoring their memory is vital.


Can You Prepay for Cremation Services?

Yes, you have the option to prepay for cremation services. Preplanning and prepaying for cremation services can offer peace of mind and alleviate future financial burdens for your loved ones. By prepaying and preplanning, you can lock in current prices and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled according to your preferences.


At Rhode Island Cremation Care Center, we offer preplanning options to assist you and secure the cremation services you desire. Click below to check out our digital tool to learn more.



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Types of Cremation Services

We highly recommend incorporating a visitation and funeral service into the cremation process. Every life deserves to be remembered, and these services provide an invaluable opportunity for family and friends to honor the departed's life and embark on their grief journey. There are various types of cremation services you can choose from, including:


Service with Visitation: This option allows for visitation before the cremation occurs. The deceased's body is prepared for viewing, allowing guests to pay their respects and participate in a funeral service, followed by the cremation.

Direct Cremation: With this choice, the deceased's body is cremated immediately after death without prior viewing. It offers a streamlined approach for families who prefer a more intimate farewell.

Cremation with Service: The deceased is cremated promptly, and a funeral service is held afterward, allowing loved ones to gather, share memories, and find solace together.

Cremation with Graveside Service: A funeral service occurs at the gravesite following the cremation, ensuring a meaningful and final farewell for your loved one.

Cremation with Celebration of Life Service: Like the other options, the deceased is cremated promptly. A celebration of life service is held, typically after the funeral, offering a personalized and unique tribute that reflects the individual's personality and passions. These services can be arranged outside the funeral home to create a more memorable experience. Visit our page related to cremation options to learn more about these alternatives. 


Personalizing Cremation Services

Meaningful Ideas for Our Beloved Families 

To create a truly unique and personalized cremation service, we offer several options for customization:



Graveside Service for Cremation in RI

Graveside Service:

Organize a heartfelt gathering before the burial of your loved one's cremated remains, allowing family and friends to pay their final respects and reflect on their life.


Scattering Service:

Consider holding a service to scatter your loved one's ashes in a memorial garden or a location with special meaning. This provides an opportunity for closure and a profound connection to their memory.


Multiple Urns:

Opt for dividing the cremated remains into multiple urns, allowing each family member to have their loved one's final resting place close to them. Whether keeping the ashes or scattering them in meaningful locations, this choice brings comfort and individuality.




Why Choose a Center with a Crematorium On-Site like Rhode Island Cremation Care Center?


a) Enhanced Efficiency and Care:

Having an on-site crematorium means that all aspects of the cremation process, from initial handling to final disposition, can be conducted under one roof. This streamlines the process and ensures greater efficiency, attention to detail, and the utmost care for your loved one throughout the journey.


b) Transparency and Peace of Mind:

When a cremation center has an on-site crematorium, it provides families transparency and peace of mind. You can have confidence in knowing that your loved one's cremation will be conducted at the location where you entrusted their care. This eliminates any concerns about transportation or third-party involvement, ensuring a seamless and secure process.


c) Immediate Availability:

Having a crematorium on-site allows for the immediate availability of cremation services. It eliminates the need to coordinate transportation to an off-site facility, reducing wait times and allowing for prompt scheduling of services according to your preferences.


d) Personalized Service:

An on-site crematorium also enables greater personalization of the cremation process. You can be involved in selecting the type of cremation and even witness the cremation if desired, providing a sense of closure and peace during a difficult time.


e) Comprehensive Service Offerings:

Cremation centers with on-site crematoriums often provide comprehensive services beyond cremation. This includes visitation, funeral services, memorialization options, and assistance in handling and disposing of cremated remains. At Rhode Island Cremation Care Center, we offer a wide array of personalized options to support you in creating a meaningful tribute to your loved one.


Choosing a cremation center with an on-site crematorium like Rhode Island Cremation Care Center ensures professionalism, convenience, and the highest standards of care throughout the cremation process. Our dedicated team is committed to providing compassionate support and guidance to you and your family during this time.



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With our comprehensive range of personalized options, we are committed to helping you plan a cremation service that beautifully honors your loved one's life and legacy. Our compassionate staff is here to guide you through the entire process and provide support during this time. 


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